Great performing arts photography can be an invaluable marketing tool for arts organizations. Especially in today's world of social media, having access to quality images can significantly increase your ability to build audiences and contributions. Also, having print ready production photos to send to media will often times mean the difference between  great exposure and no exposure at all. Successful arts organizations know the value of investing in professional photography services.

Performing arts production photography is billed at $200 / hr.  Package delivers approximately 25 images per production hour. All images will be color corrected, adjusted for optimum exposure for the scene in question and delivered electronically.  Additional post processing is available by image and will be billed per our post processing pricing schedule.

1/2 Day Rate (3.5 hrs) is $600

Full Day Rate (7 hrs) is $1,000

Actual travel costs  plus 1/2 hourly or day rates when the job is outside of Chittenden County.

If you are an exciting new or emerging arts organization looking to establish a high quality brand I am always happy to talk about how I can help you get established while working within your budget. I love helping arts organizations grow and prosper!