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At the age of 17, Mr. Barden sold his first theatrical images to The Champlain Shakespeare Festival. The photos, a series of images of the three repertory plays from their 1971 season, found their way into promotional and editorial placements in New York, London and beyond and his passion for performing arts photography began.

Years later  Barden met and married dancer Jennifer Marshall and their partnership in the development of Spotlight Vermont, a performing arts academy (with a black box theater) began. A built-in opportunity to photograph performing artists in rehearsal and performance gave Barden the unique opportunity to practice his craft over hundreds of performances and thousands of performers.


A performer and director himself, his on stage experience enhances his ability to capture images that reflect the essence of performances and performers. 


He has lectured for the New England Professional Photographers Association on Performing Arts Photography

Member - Professonal Photographers of America
National Association of Photoshop Professionals