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November 19, 2019-TimBarden-DTHOrange9919When the Wolves Came InJuly 25, 2019-TimBarden-untitledJuly 25, 2019-TimBarden-Janny Tracy HS DSC_9386-2Katherine Crockett of the Martha Graham Dance CompanyOctober 25, 2016-TimBarden-YoungDrJekyllNYD75_0304Pavement - Abraham.In.MotionAugust 28, 2019-TimBarden-untitledAugust 28, 2019-TimBarden-2019 HS Jonny_TimDSC_9499January 06, 2017-TimBarden-Dearest_Home_AIM_0939-2Xiaochuan Xie and Ben Schultz of the Martha Graham Dance Company in The Rite of SpringOliviaParker_November 25, 2016_3534November 19, 2019-TimBarden-DTHOrange9926Pavement - Abraham.In.MotionWhen the Wolves Came In20150717_TK2015Dress_Tim Barden2589When the Wolves Came InJune 07, 2018-TimBarden-ProctorsJekyllD81_8350November 19, 2019-TimBarden-DTHOrange0232November 26, 2016-TimBarden-untitledNovember 26, 2016-TimBarden-untitledNovember 26, 2016-TimBarden-untitledNovember 26, 2016-TimBarden-StellePappasD81_3707June 07, 2018-TimBarden-ProctorsJekyllDSC_6557Don Halquist, Leanne Rinelli, Adrian Safar and Kathy Diehl of the Bill Evans Dance Company in "Impressions of Willow Bay"