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Katherine Crockett of the Martha Graham Dance CompanyMariya Dashkina Maddux, Ben Schultz and Tadej Brdnik of the Martha Graham Dance Company20130821_MarthaGrahamJacobsPillow_DSC_8358Xiaochuan Xie and Ben Schultz of the Martha Graham Dance Company in The Rite of SpringPavement - Abraham.In.MotionPavement - Abraham.In.MotionPavement - Abraham.In.MotionPavement - Abraham.In.MotionLeanne Rinelli of the Bill Evans Dance Company in "Impressions of Willow Bay"20130825_August_Wilson_Tim Barden_0121-Edit-Edit20131123_ChrisLaPlante_Tim Barden0044PortfolioReview_(3_of_15)Evita Cobo at StudioThreeEmmaVincent (13 of 13)PortfolioReview_(6_of_15)20131123_JeremyNeal_Tim Barden0101-2Oliver-14Oliver-145